Trab Investment Limited offers a full range of pre-construction, construction, engineering and support/logistic service. The company maintains a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationship with clients, architects, engineers, sub-contractor suppliers.
Our company policy encouraged shared responsibility and performance to ensure the highest degree of professionalism in the delivery of our service to our client with the goal of ensuring excellent result on all project undertaken.
Trab Investment Limited is a wholly indigenous company registered in Nigeria. We are poised to provide first class service to governments and the individual clients.
We aim to contribute to the creation of a modern society by our commitment to the creation of values through business activities in conformity with international standards. We focus on providing expertise to ensure operational efficiency and improved project performance creating opportunities in the society.

To be a world class company with excellent service, to be an ethical company with a strong and dynamics business systems leveraging on state-of-the-art techniques and operational efficiency to fulfill our goals while ensuring social responsibility.
To articulate and satisfy the need of our customers with quality and impeccable service delivery in the most ethical, competitive and profitable manner. To continue research into best methods and acquire fit-for-purpose skills and equipment to deliver our client project objectives. To build, equip and maintain skilled and experienced personnel pool.
Our customers our partners: we will conscientiously work to help them achieve their project objectives, by maintaining only the highest standards of excellence in both the quality of our product service.
At Trab, we build our activities on expertise, thoroughly analyzing processes towards improving efficiencies and reducing costs. That is why we are proud of the facts that we are skilled profitability consultant in construction, logistic and support service delivery. Our personalized attention to our clients need combined with our established expertise in the field is what sets us apart.

We work on two concurrent levels to maximize client’s benefits;
• Providing expertise to stream line operations and improve ongoing performance.
• Identifying real bottom line cost saving opportunities in every projects, logistics and service we provide.
• By virtue of our experienced field supervision, skilled labour force and quality materials, we are committed to providing quality service with standard material to private companies or individual, also public agencies/ state or federal government with well co-ordinated professional teams.

Trab Investment Limited work cautiously considering the safety of our clients as well as our employees. We have trained employees working with hazardous materials, and are also well trained in all areas of safety in common occurrences of today’s construction industry.

Trab recognizes that safety and health of personnel and clients is a core determinants in ensuring the success of any operation procedure. We raise the awareness level of workers concerning safety and environmental issues related to our services.
We, the management and employee of Trab Investment Limited strongly believe that:
• No business objective is pursued at the expense of safety.
• Accident and injuries are all preventable.
• Each of us has a personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of others both on and off the job.
• Safe conduct is a condition of our employment at Trab.
Safety is a primary objective in all projects we undertake. Our superior performance is purely based on knowledge driven supervisory staff, dedicated safety officers and well trained qualified and management system.