"Safety is a primary objective in all projects we undertake"



Through the building and commitment to project team goals, Trab Investment Limited provides the project owner and architects with control of the projects schedule budget and method. Including confirmations of the project teams, understanding the goals with samples and investigations of existing installations.


Trab construction: we are fast growing road and property specialist, known as the firm you can do business with whatever your requirements, we will meet you at the point of need, be it road, residential/commercial real estate, sales, rentals, listings, investments, property management, apartments and lands. We can offer you the wildest choice services. Provides in- depth and management supervision of its entire project to coordinate its owner’s and architect goals. This comprehensive system includes numerous component ranging from scheduling, quality assurance, cost control and billing to job meeting procurement, job close-out warranty Management.


At Trab, our project Management services provide assurance to the owner of a well- run, problem-free job site. The team of experienced construction professionals provides cost-control, schedule coordination, quality control and timely execution of plans throughout the project. Trab ensures local building codes, life safety requirement, per milting and other local nuance in the construction processes is critical in the project’s on time and on-budget, completion according to plan. The owner’s interest is presented throughout the project; from start to finish, scheduling compliance, coordinating proper document control and optimizing the owner’s investment in the project.


In design/building project owners contract directly with a simple entity, the design builders provides both design and construction services. Design/build services may be provided by a simple firm, a team of expert or as joint ventures and can offer client with a number of advantages. Planning, design, engineering and construction responsibilities are integrated under one simple source, thereby facilitating project delivery by streamlining the overall process. Design/build project success i.e. accomplished by applying a comprehensive project team management delivery system. Trab team covers a broad range of professional services, from consulting feasibility studies, to complete the design, engineering and constructions expertise to fully implement a project. The planners, designs, engineers and builder work in concert through the entire project towards the common goal of providing a quality product at a competitive price.


We believes the identification of team goals to be one of preconstruction’s primary objectives. The preconstruction schedule serves as the road map for design, development, decisions pertaining to project scope, budget and procurement. Thus, Trab approach offers a controlled, effective use of preconstruction resources consistent with the progress required to achieve the project on time and under budgets.


Trab specializes in catering for all construction support service. These include;

– Equipment and machinery hire.

– Transportation (Goods personnel)

– Onsite concrete/ block/ paving services


Descriptions                       Make                         Capacity                                Qty

Tipper Truck                        Iveco                          30 tons                                  2

Excavators                            Cat/Porclain                                                              3

Pick-up                                  Toyota Hilux                                                             1

Concrete mixer bend        Ford/Winglet           500/700                                 3

Vibrating rollers                  Abg/Dynapac          15tons                                    2

Survey Equipment                                                                                                  3

Low Loaders                        Fiat Iveco                                                                   2

Dredger                                 Ellicot12”C/S                                                            2

Drilling rig                             Dando                                                                         1

Saloon cars                           BMW/Toyota                                                           2

We have worked on so many projects successfully such as building of office complex; Residential, Roads Constructions, banks etc. and we still have a lot of project we are still working on and as well biding for.

Trab Investment Limited is fast growing and for the future.